Your personal brand

During my morning commute the other day I was pondering something that has been on my mind for some time now. What is the goal of my personal brand? So I’ve come up with a few things that can help you and clarify what all this talk about building a personal brand is all about.

First thing you should know is that everyone has a personal brand regardless if they think so or not. That brand is built through actions, conversations, choices and everything you do that gives others insight to who you are. Like everything your brand is subject to perception of others. Its all about communication and seeing to it that you get your message across effectively.

As I was thinking about my personal brand and what it is I want to convey, a couple things come to mind. First, my personal brand should say that I am who I say I am. And secondly, that I know, what I say I know. None of this is new its just that things in the world are changing and you should pay closer attention to what you do and say. With tools like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and blogs you are essentially creating a documented history of your life. You can count on future employers, educators, law enforcement officials and even your future spouse to search for information about you online to make an initial judgment about you.

So all this comes back to what your mom told you when you were young. Think before you act. I’d like to add a bit to that statement. Think before you act and act on purpose.

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