XBOX Live High Def Movie Rental

Seems like everyone is throwing their hats in the ring when it comes to video these days. Microsoft is no exception with their XBOX Live service for XBOX 360 owners. Lke iTunes and NETFLIX Microsoft is offering movie rentals over you game console. And of course Sony is battling the HD format war and it looks like they are going to win this one with Blu Ray Disc.

Today my room mate and I gave the XBOX a shot at impressing us with its download rental service. The movie of choice was The assassination of Jesse James by the coward Bob Ford. The rental processes was pretty smooth but you have to wait for the movie to download. The 7 and a half GB file took around 2 hours to download. So if you want to watch a movie you better plan ahead. Secondly its $6 to rent a new release in HD (720p). If your fine with the standard def 480p format you can save yourself some time and a couple bucks as the rental charge is only $4. These prices are for new releases. Older titles are a bit cheaper.

Here is my opinion on the experience. The HD format is not worth the extra cost, but I feel that way for most movies anyway. Watching sports and television in HD is far better that watching in standard def but movies are already pretty good quality. I didn’t like the length of time it took to download. In fact I planned on watching the movie last night but then when I saw how long it was going to take to download I waited until today. If your using a regular XBOX controller the play, pause, rewind and button controls suck. To get around this you would need a Media Center remote.

If you have an XBOX 360 with the live service its worth a try but I won’t be a regular renter. Its just too expensive and not any better than any other service available.

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