WordCamp Columbus – Coming in 2009

A friend of mine, Alvin Borromeo, from work and my social networking circles approached me last week to see if I would be interested in helping him organize an event here in Columbus, OH. The event, WordCamp Columbus. Thats all he had to say. I was full in from that point. So now begins our journey as community organizers to put on the biggest and best WordCamp the midwest has seen. Yes we can get great speakers to come to Columbus. Yes we can bring some great sponsors. Yes we can pack the house with all the great bloggers from all over the Midwest and further.

So what is this WordCamp thing Anyway?

WordCamp is a conference type of event that focuses squarely on everything WordPress. Everyone from casual end users all the way up to core developers show up to these events. These events are usually highlighted by speeches or keynotes by various people.

When will WordCamp Columbus be?

Right now we are working to secure a venue for this event along with a date. The best way to keep up with important information about WordCamp Columbus is to subscribe to the WordCamp Columbus Blog. You can also follow along on Twitter by following @WordCampCbus.

Can I help out with WordCamp Columbus?

You can absolutely help with WordCamp Columbus. We are looking for several volunteers to help out. Drop me a line and let me know what you would like to help out with.

I am looking forward to putting on a great event for you all.

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