What made the difference for the Buckeyes against Troy?

After a very upsetting loss against USC last week the Buckeyes regain their composure and beat the Troy Trojans 28-10. In order to get back in the season this was an imperative win for the Buckeyes. With Big Ten tournament play starting next week Ohio State needs to have USC behind them and concentrating on the task at hand. This weeks win is exactly what Ohio State needed to get back to work and start playing Ohio State football.

So what were the keys to this win?

First, Terell Pryor stepped up and showed us that he is ready to lead this team as a Freshman Quarterback. He showed us that not only can he un he ball but he can also throw the deep ball and hooked up for 4 passing touchdowns.

Both Brian’s made big catches and started catching the ball again. I’m talking about Brian Robiske and Brian Heartline. Both score touchdowns and played like I remember from last year. This also allowed them to start becoming more comfortable with their new Freshman Quarterback.

Kurt Coleman came through with a couple of big interceptions. Which is exactly the kind of plays he promised during the preseason. Interceptions are huge when it comes to setting the tempo of the game and getting the fans into the game.

A.J. Trapasso pinned the Troy offensive inside the 5 yard line a couple of punts making it near impossible to get anything going and demoralizing he Trojan offense.

Daniel “BOOM” Harron stepped up and made some big runs to fill the spot of OSU‘s star running back Chris “Beanie” Wells.

So it seems that all the pieces that were missing in the game against USC are back and ready for Big Ten conference play.

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[...] only can he un he ball but he can also throw the deep ball and hooked up for 4 passing touchdowns.Blantonious, Sep [...]

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