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startrek1Before I wrote up my review and spoiled everyone’s fun, I wanted to wait for the movie to actually come out and give everyone a chance to go see it. Which after a $76.5 million weekend I take it a bunch of you did just that. So now for the review.

Lucky for me, I got to see it before you! My Friend Kelly, whom I know from Twitter @kellygingery and TasteCasting invited me to go to a screening last Wednesday with a group of other Twitter friends. Those in attendance were @jujuburd @CherylHarrison @DemetriusHall @clancybevington @rehcmh and Mike Gingery. Kelly also wrote up a review on her Movie Lovers Only blog, well worth a read.

So before I get into it I will tell you I give this Star Trek a solid A, and very close to an A+. Didn’t give it an A+ because I like to think I’m more critical than just passing out A+’s like they’re free. :-) Also it leaves room for improvement in the next installment.

The movie starts out knee deep, in a deep space battle which is a great way to start a movie if you ask me. Whenever there is conflict and we (humans) are getting our ass handed to us, you have a feeling of wanting, dare I say needing, some payback. So after we get our butts kicked by the intergalactic death metal band that lost their instruments, along come baby Kirk and Spock. One turns out to be a genius and the other a troubled youth with killer instincts and a gift for fighting. The thing that bonds the two is one got picked on too much as a kid and the other didn’t have a good father figure. So they both end up with a huge chip on their shoulder and ready to kick some ass.

The great thing about this movie is the prequel aspect. You already know the story of Star Trek and love the characters. So when a new character is introduced you get all giddy and excited. Makes you want to start clapping and cheering for absolutely no reason. At least that’s how I felt. The characters of Bones McCoy and Scotty are perfect. Bones has they same swagger and demeanor as the original and Scotty still appears to be a drunk Irishman that can make the Enterprise do anything he wants with some ingenious misconfiguration of the ships systems. And of course they both come equipped with their signature lines.

Damnit man, I’m a Doctor and I’m giving you all she’s got Captain.

The movie was 2 hours 5 minutes, but I wouldn’t have been mad if it was 3 hours. It movies very quick. I was amazed at the speed in which they can deploy the entire star fleet and get them to a battle. But they again I was stationed on Submarines and it takes weeks to get anywhere. In fact things happen so quickly that you can graduate from boot camp (or the Star Fleet equivalent) and end up commanding your own ship by dinner time.

So if your looking for a good movie to go checkout I would highly recommend this version of Star Trek. Oh and its directed by J.J. Abrams. (Alias, Lost, Mission Impossible 4, Cloverfield) Which I’m sure will get more than a few people to come see it, that could care less about Star Trek.

I look forward to your thoughts on the movie.

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Thanks again for the free screening Kelly!

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