Servee – CMS built for designers

Servee is a feature rich, hosted content management system that does all the heavy lifting for you. That way you can focus on the design and content of your site. With less back-end coding to do you can launch sites quicker and start communicating your message to customers today. Just because Servee’s framework does a lot of the coding for you doesn’t mean that its limited. Servee is very extensible and uses Markup language that has the power of PHP in a more HTML environment allowing you to change the most minute details in the appearance of your site.

Along with ease of use and endless customization Servee comes with tons of features. Blogs, Calendars, Image galleries and Forms for data collection are easy to implement with Servee CMS. Servee is also extendable allowing you to create pages with different types of feeds adding even more flexibility to the endless options of creating your sites. The Servee platform is constantly changing as formats and technology change on the web, and with the subscription based model you always get the latest most stable version of the software with no additional costs.

Head over to Servee and take a look. If you want, hit them up on the contact page and have them show you around the Servee platform.

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