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Selecting Video Equipment for your Web Show

Recently I started a new project with a friend to create a new Web Show called FlickChickTV. Kelly Gingery is the Flick Chick and shares her thoughts on new movies and DVD’s coming out each week. She goes to movie screenings each week and gives her take on the latest blockbusters.

So rather than just do an audio podcast we felt it would be better to do a video web show and eventually a video podcast so we can add visuals and clips to her 5 minute or less talks. So we grabbed our Flip video cameras and started shooting footage. We quickly realized that despite the good quality of the Flip Video, we were going to need something much better to make this show pop. Video quality and audio quality needs to be top notch. So I started down the road to finding a nice prosumer video camera.

First I gathered what features I had to have.

  • True High Def 1080P resolution
  • The ability to plug in a external mic
  • Internal memory or a media type that was small and affordable
  • Easy to import video footage to editing software

canon_HFS10_CL3Here is what I came up with.
Canon VIXIA HFS10 HD Dual Flash Memory with 32 GB Internal Memory and 10x Optical Zoom

This camera has all the features that I wanted and then some. It shoots video in 1080p at either 24 or 30 frames per second. Has 10x optical zoom, 32GB internal Memory with the ability to use secondary SD card slot. There is also a mini advance shoe to plug in either a light or shotgun mic. You can take still photos at 8 mega pixels. Outputs include USB, HDMI and component. USB makes it easy to import videos right from your camera into your computers editing software for post production.

Before purchasing this camera the reviews I read were all positive. People love the small size and ease of use as well as being feature rich. The quality is said to be comparable to a pro camera costing 2 or 3 times more. If your in the market for a good camera and have about $1000 to spend you might want to take a look at this little beauty.

Since I am still new to producing web video I’ll post more cool stuff I learn to help others out with their video production. Maybe we can learn from one another.

Be sure to take a look at the videos we shoot at FlickChickTV in the very near future.

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