Radio Shack visit over the weekend

So from time to time I like to use my blog to vent and get your opinion on things. So today I’m gonna do both.

So on Saturday I needed to 25A 12V DC continuous power supply. I know not your typical power thing to buy, but I needed it for testing my carputer that I’m building and other projects that I like to play around with that require a 12volt power source. There is only one place around me to get this kind of stuff and that is of course Radio shack. There are several in the area but instead of just driving around I do the sensible thing and check the website to see which one has it in stock. I find a location on the other side of town and decide to make the trip and and pick it up.

So I get to the store and tell one of the sales guys what it is I’m looking for. He takes me to the wall of power adapters which mostly consist of portable device chargers and inverters for autos. I explain it a little better and tell him we could look it up on the website which shows that they have it in stock. So we head to the computer look up the item and then he realizes that they do have one.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The sales guy tells me that they have the item in stock but they are using it in their GPS display. He also says that he can’t sell it to me. I said but you have it in your inventory as being available and you apparently really do have it. He tells me that they told them to use it in the display and to leave it in the inventory. So my first thought is, what a crock of shit. If you have it and its an item for sale, you should sell it to me and get yourself another one for your GPS display. Its just bad business and I will now be buying my unit from someone else online.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Should they at least take it off the inventory if they don’t actually have it to sell?

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