Trick or Treating this year

Trick or treating won’t be the same this year.

What is social media and why I should care

Here is a slide share presentation explaining what social media is and why you should care about social media. What is social media, and why should I care? View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: interactive marketing)

Preparing for turbulant times

With the way the World economy is right now there is no telling exactly how bad things are going to get in the future and how much it will effect us all. Even in an industry that seems secure things can change very quickly and security can quickly collapse. Rather than worry about it and […]

Our Congress can Tweet

Good news! Thanks to your help, the House and Senate recently updated the guidelines that govern how members of Congress can use the Internet to communicate with us about their work. The new rules now allow members of Congress to interact with us on sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Sunlight advocated for these […]

Sarah Palin debate in 30 seconds

I had to post it. Click the link to the post to see the video.

Are you kidding me?

I don’t know how many times I have asked this question. What’s the matter with people.

Watch for the medium grade gas scam

In most cases the cheap gas is the button on the left. But not always. Beware of this little mini gas scam!

Digg Dubb – Groove is in the heart

digg has got to be one of the coolest places to work. Just check out these crazy digg employees Digg Dubb: Groove Is In The Heart from Trammell on Vimeo.

Taking Advantage of mobility for my personal branding strategy

Image via CrunchBaseI had no idea that when I bought my iPhone it would enable me to work on my branding efforts. But thats exactly what it has enabled me to do. Taking pictures and uploading them to Twitpic and Flickr along with sending Tiwtter updates on the go. Using mobility while continuously working on […]

Everything’s a Fricken Crisis these days

Yesterday I was some news show and every other word out of the reporters mouth was crisis. Why is everything a crisis these days? Is it because the election is coming up so in order to suede voters one way or another the news has to use these words to instill fear into people? So […]

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