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WordPress WP Query Function

WordPress can be used for some really cool stuff outside the traditional role of being a “blog”. Although some of the built in functions of WordPress are not inherently known by everyone. I have a site that I partnered up with a friend that does movie reviews. The site is FlickChick.TV and we use it […]

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iPhone 4 – The Good

Thanks to the Retina display, everything you see and do on iPhone 4 looks amazing. That’s because the Retina display’s pixel density is so high, your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. Check out all the new features in the new iPhone 4.

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Configure Windows DNS to listen on IPv6

Configuring the DNS server to listen on IPv6 You can configure the DNS server to listen for DNS name registration and resolution requests over IPv6. When your DNS server is configured to listen on both IPv4 and IPv6: Devices that function over IPv6 but not IPv4 will function properly with your DNS server. Computers and […]

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changing IP on VmWare ESX host

There comes a time when you need to change the IP adress on an ESX host. And since you can’t do it on the VI Client or vCenter consle, the only thing you can do is to go to the ESX server console. 1.) First of all , you must have physical access to the […]

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Why Sequels Often Suck

Ever see a movie that you loved so much that you couldn’t wait for the sequel to come out? Then when the sequel comes out you are sick to your stomach with the poor quality, lack of story and every other disappointment you can think of. Or as the critics would say, “An epic misfire […]

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AT&T 3G MicroCell

Starting next month AT&T will be offering their 3G MicroCell at the cost of $150. The MicroCell is a device that will help you get better signal on your AT&T 3G device. Places like your home or office where reception may not less than desirable. It works like this. You plug the 3G MicroCell into […]

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Kindle native support for PDF and screen rotation

I’m a little late on this but the other day I was traveling back from Austin reading a book on my Kindle 2. When I went to increase the font size I realized that it must have received a software upgrade as the configuration screen had the option to for screen rotation. Not sure why […]

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Do you know Google?

If you ask anyone who Google is, you will surely get an answer. But most will say they are the search engine people. And although that is correct, Google does so much more. Let’s explore some of what Google does. Google was number 117 on the Fortune 500 list coming in just behind Coca-Cola in […]

I resolve . . .

Here I offer a tip on how you can stick with and be successful at your New Year’s resolution. Happy New Years.

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More iPhone Apps that you need

Cheryl wrote a nice little post about 30 some odd free apps to do most anything you need to do. Most of which I use. Although I thought it was worth mentioning a few more. Not all are free though. So here are my iPhone apps I really can’t live without. In no particular order. […]

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