Yahoo Photos has 6 months to live

Yahoo Photos is destined for the Web scrap yard later this year. But don’t worry its not because Yahoo isn’t going to store your photos and make really cool applications for you to make and share photo gallery’s. In fact they are getting rid of the boring and making way for the more exciting service […]

Wall Street sequel 20 years later?

Before my career in I.T., before my life in the Navy was my life ambition was to be the worlds greatest stock broker or fund manager. See 20 years ago the only computers I ever got to touch were Apple IIe’s and they didn’t bring much excitement for me. So I thought that I was […]

No Google Cinco De Mayo logo? Well thats crazy!

Not sure how the folks over at Google decide what gets a special holiday logo, but my vote is in for all the major partying holidays. If anyone over at Google is reading this I would like to petition a Google Logo for Mardi Gras and Cinco De Mayo. At least Yahoo picked up the […]

The Pirate Bay not impressed with charges they may face.

A year after the police raid of The Pirate Bay prosecutor HÃ¥kan Roswall made a statement saying the he intends to press charges. During the size last year 180 servers were siezed along with 3 admin held in captiivity for several hours. The charges The Pirate Bay faces are for breaches of copyright law, for […]

Microsoft wants Yahoo! for $50 Billion

Microsoft (MFST) has reportedly asked Yahoo (YHOO) to come back to the table for talks of a purchase deal that could be worth $50 Billion. The software giant apparently is feeling more and more pressure to be able to compete with the search giant Google (GOOG) that is on track to profit $12 Billion is […]

Negotiating: Lets make a deal!

I can’t think of many people that look forward to going to a dealership to buy a car. For months now you have had your eye on that shiny new convertible or a mini van that the whole family can ride in without being cramped. So why the long face on the day you decide […]

Digg This: O9-f9-11-O2-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-cO

A huge number of HD-DVD stories from the social news site came up missing yesterday as well as the accounts of those that submitted the stories. The popular user submitted news site became flooded with stories relating to HD-DVD and the Hex numbers. As for the cat being out of the bag, well there […]

iGoogle? I do now!

Seems Google has changed the name of their personalized homepage today. So now I don’t just “Google” something I “iGoogle” it. Here is an excert from the Official Google Weblog. For a while now, we Googlers have used a bit of shorthand to refer to the Personalized Homepage — a name that connotes interactivity, the […]

Making the switch

I wouldn’t exactly call myself an Apple fan boy, yet. But making the switch to my little Mac Mini about 6 months ago was a pretty sweet move I must say. Although without the the Intel based processor I don’t think I would have done it. There are a lot of great programs for Mac […]

Not many magazines get it for me anymore

With all the information available on the Internet there are very few magazines I would subscribe to. In the information age you need fast relevant facts and your need them yesterday. That said, I have stumbled upon a gem of a monthly subscription a couple of years ago as I felt obligated to buy something […]

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