Your Employer doesn’t have a clue

When it comes to team building and keeping employees happy most managers don’t have clue what it takes to accomplish this. And to make things even worst they usually put a spotlight on the situation when its too late. They come in and start focus groups and have worthless meetings asking how can we make […]

Uncle Mike’s

Every once in a while there comes a thing that you just feel like everyone should hear about. Well I am a little late on this but about a year ago I started eating a snack that is just about the best thing since sliced bread (cliché I know) but listen my friends and let […]

Crazy Clock

This is the craziest clock I have ever seen. But you just can’t stop watching.

Is the new iMac and iPod coming out today?

Looks like the Apple store is closed again for an update. Seems to be their common thing to close the online store while they upload new products and stuff. Well there is a bunch of new stuff coming out. .mac got a serious upgrade now boasting 10GB of storage. A new sleek iMac is coming […]

Microsoft Photosynth Tech Preview

Microsoft’s new Photosynth program which is still in Tech Preview (even before beta) takes a large amount of pictures of an object and reconstructs them in a 3d space. The concept is very interesting and the results so far look very impressive. Once they reconstruct the 1000′s of photos of a space you can fly […]

iTunes store is blazing fast

Up until recently I hadn’t bought any music on iTunes but then when I won a gift card I started buying a few songs here and there. I have to say I am very impressed with the speed of the downloads. It took me less than 5 minutes to download a 27 track cd. The […]

The Dog is loose – Dog the Bounty Hunter that is

Remember back in 2003 when The Dog went down to Mexico and brought back convicted serial rapist Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor cosmetic empire? Well it turns out to be illegal to bounty hunt in Mexico. So Duane “Dog” Chapman and 2 of his cohorts have been going through a legal nightmare for […]

Watch out for credit card scam – STC SAWA RECHARGE

I know there are new scams happening every single day and you could dedicate an entire blog to nothing but scams but since I was hit with this one I am going to post about it. Over the weekend I was checking my checking account balance online when I noticed 2 suspicious transactions for $80 […]

Fathers to get say in abortion – New Legislation introduced

State legislators are introducing a bill that would allow fathers to have a say in whether or not a woman has an abortion. Here is an article with full details. I’m not going to get into the specifics but as a father of a little girl whom I love so much, I think this bill […]

iPhone camera doesn’t record any exif data

I just happen to stumble on this by accident. It turns out that the camera on the iPhone although only 2 megapixels is really a nice camera. So I decided to do a little mobile photo blog at I am using wordpress for the blogging software and found a mo-blog plug-in called Yet another […]

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