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More iPhone Apps that you need

Cheryl wrote a nice little post about 30 some odd free apps to do most anything you need to do. Most of which I use. Although I thought it was worth mentioning a few more. Not all are free though.

So here are my iPhone apps I really can’t live without. In no particular order. (paid apps are noted with a $)

Redlaser $ – Scan a barcode using your iPhone camera and it will search for the product online so you can see if you’re getting a good deal or not.

TrackThis $ – Enter a tracking number and this little app will tell you every move your packages make.

TechFuse $ – RSS mashup f all the best tech blogs out there. TUAW, Engadget, Gizmodo, Mashable, Tech Crunch and a dozen others.

CNN $ – It doesn’t get any better for a news app. Complete with live video streams.

10TV on the Go FREE – This is brand new and its the first central Ohio news source to hit the app store.

Toodledo $ – Keep track of your todo’s. The website version has a free version and the app is only a couple bucks.

Drop Box – The best online file storage on your iPhone.

Rock Band $ – The best game to come to the iPhone IMO.

Bump FREE – BUMP lets you quickly exchange contact info with someone that also has an iPhone and the BUMP app installed. I usually don’t bump on the first meeting but this makes it too easy.

WebMD FREE – Now you can diagnose your symptoms earlier so you can go see your doctor and get healthy.

IMDB FREE – Internet Movie DataBase. This one is brand new but as much as I use this has got to be good.

Did I miss anything?

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@cherylharrison More iPhone Apps that you need –


Cool, thanks for sharing, Jason! Will have to check some of these out! :)

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