Last minute shopping

Everyone is talking about how little they have to spend and not being able to spend much on the holidays this year. I have a quick tip that will help you save money and still get some bang for your buck when shopping for Christmas presents.

I think that most of my joy of gift giving is seeing the excitement on my daughter and nephews faces when they open their gifts. In past years I would usually get Mikyla a more expensive and nicer gift like a Wii or PSP or whatever the popular big ticket electronics item was. I have even thought about getting her a Mac Book or iMac. But instead this year I got her a bunch of smaller items that she will get just as much joy out of. Instead of feeling like you need to spend $250 on a single gift why not break it up into a $50 gift and several $20 gifts. Half the fun is opening a bunch of gifts rather than just one. You can take this a bit further and get 20 $10 gifts.

So just because you are struggling a little more this year. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Christmas and get just as many gifts as in years past.

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