Initiatives for 2009

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These really aren’t resolutions but rather the things I plan to accomplish in 2009. A mix of my professional and personal business affairs. Most of which are about building building personal and professional brands, going a bit green and using technology to make my life better.

Lets start with a big one for my day job. I am in the process of building out a VMWare infrastructure to help reduce the number of physical servers in the engineering development lab that I work in. By reducing the number of physical machines it will accomplish several things including the amount of space required to house the same amount of virtual servers. This in turn reduces the amount of electricity used to power the machines and well as the amount of cooling needed to cool the servers. Virtualizing servers also allows for quickly deploying new virtual machines from clones and templates which saves me time and helps provide for better customer service and SLA’s. In the end this solution will be cheaper, greener and easier to administer. A win for the company and a win for me.

Next on my plate is to start publishing videos and articles related to new technology and things that will help others accomplish similar tasks. Things like how to add an extent to a ESX host (for the technical audience) or how to rip a movie from DVD and stick it in your iTunes library (for the regular computer user). So why would I waste my time documenting what I’m doing? Couple reasons, first I like to learn new things and share them with others. Its just part of being a geek. Secondly I like to share what I’ve learned with others. Which inherently helps me build my brand. You’ll know that if you have a question about technology I might be the guy that can help you with that. If your looking for a hot stock tip I’m not really the guy for you, although my money is on Apple. :-)

Finally this one ties into the last initiative and that is to continue to build my networks and share information with people. Blogging is another passion that I have and have learned a great deal about over the last few years. I will be one of the people organizing WordCamp Columbus on May 16th, 2009 and I want to do my best to make sure it is a great event for all that attend. This will be my first conference type event that I have helped with so this is also going to be a new learning thing for me as well. I look forward to meeting and networking with several people at WordCamp Columbus as well as the rest of the great events happening in Columbus.

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Initiviatives for 2009

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