Increase Internet productivity with Google Reader

Ever been a regular reader of a Blog or news site then get tied up with ther thins and not have the time to read your favorite sites? I used to read Slashdot every day then things started getting busy at work then I just forgot about heading over to get the latest news. Or maybe you started reading to many sites and gotten so overwhelmed that you can’t possibly keep up.

Lets face it the Internet is more than a casual experience these days. We have internet access to get things done and get our fix on Information. It is the Information Age ya know.

So what can you do to keep up in this high paced world of information overload? Well for straters you can organize your Internet. What I mean is load all your news feeds and blog feeds in Google reader. Then you can scan 100′s of articles in a more systematic way. The program of choice for me is Google Reader. It allows me to load in my feeds and quickly go through a hundred or so articles in an hour. I do this by using keyboard shortcuts to go forward and back through the articles. J takes me to the next story and if I hit it too quickly I just hit K to go back.

There are a few other things I would like to see Google add, like ability to create groups and stick related feeds in a directory or something like that. But for now it works just fine and saves me a ton of time.

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