Google and Apple partnership? Only time will tell.

On Monday the WWDC starts in San Francisco. The WWDC is Apples World Wide Developer conference that takes place each year and one that is growing in size each year due to the market share that Apple is gaining in recent years. How much market share you ask? Well it has been said by Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple that the market share is increasing 3 times that of the PC market share globally and 5 times in the U.S.

Usually at conferences like the WWDC and Mac World Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote speech when there is a big announcement to make. This year we already know that the iPhone is set to ship on June 29th, the new MacBook Pros with its new screen has already been released, and we know that a new iMac with a Brushed aluminum case is coming. But is the new iMac that has not been officially announced big enough news for Jobs to deliver the keynote? I don’t think so. But what do I really know?

I think the announcement that Jobs will deliver will have something to do with the newest Operating system, Leopard and its release date. There is also a new Rumor circulating that he will announce a new partnership with Google. I am not sure what this might be but Apple and Google seem to be in cahoots with one another these days. During Mac World Steve Jobs invited the CEO of Google on stage during his keynote there and since then has introduced YouTube (owned by Google) on the AppleTV. We also know that iPhones will be Gmail ready and Google maps will be accessible. So what’s next? What’s next indeed. I will be bringing you the news on Monday just as fast as I can capture it from the WWDC. Till then try andno t loose sleep over it.

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