Get out of Jail free card in Ohio

A friend sent me a link to an article regarding a piece of the Ohio revised code that I had never heard of before. Apparently in Ohio you can not be arrested going to and from Church or on the 4th of July. Of course I found this a little hard to believe so I wanted to verify it for myself. What I found was this is absolutely true. Not only that but there are other times that you are free from the long arm of the law. Here are a couple articles verbatim from the Ohio revised code.

2331.11 Privilege from arrest.

(A) The following persons are privileged from arrest:

(1) Members, the chief administrative officer of the house of representatives, the clerk of the house of representatives, clerks, sergeants at arms, and staff of the senate and house of representatives, during the sessions of the general assembly, and while traveling to and from such sessions;

(2) Electors, while going to, returning from, or in attendance at elections;

(3) Judges of the courts, while attending court, and also during the time necessarily employed in going to, holding, and returning from the court that it is their duty to attend;

(4) Attorneys, bailiffs, clerks of courts, sheriffs, coroners, constables, plaintiffs, defendants, jurors, and witnesses, and other officers or employees of the court, while going to, attending, or returning from court;

(5) Persons who, on their traditional day of worship, are within, going to, or returning from their place of worship, are worshipping at a service, or are going to or returning from a service.

(B) Whoever arrests a person in violation of division (A) of this section shall pay one hundred dollars, to be recovered by civil action, in the name and for the use of the person injured.

2331.12 Days on which arrests may not be made.

No person shall be arrested during a sitting of the senate or house of representatives, within the hall where such session is being held, or in any court of justice during the sitting of such court, or on Sunday or on the fourth day of July.

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