Friday the 13th 2009 “Remake”

I’m not sure why I was so excited to hear they were making a remake of the classic horror thriller, Friday the 13th (1980). First of all I’m not a big fan of horror movies because they are more corny than scary. Secondly the 1980 version of Friday the 13th is my favorite scary movie. I think, because it was probably my first experience with a real horror flick. I was only 12 at the time.

So when I saw the trailer for the movie, I had it in my mind that I wanted to see the movie on opening night. Partly because of my excitement and partly because it opened on Friday the thirteenth. Little did I expect the movie was selling out all showings. Long story short, me and a few friends did finally score tickets to the midnight showing. So technically I ended up seeing it Saturday the 14th but I’m still counting it as Friday the 13th.

So here is my take on the movie. I was pleasantly surprised, they did a great job making this movie. The story was kept intact, gory killing in true Jason style, no cheesy effects or makeup. If you were a fan of the original or enjoy a good scary movie I think your going to like this one a lot. Since nothing is perfect the one thing I would have like to see differently is the suspense parts could have been a little longer. But then again it just goes to show Jason don’t screw around. He gets right to the killing.

It was surprising to see that probably 90% of the people in the theater weren’t old enough to have even been born for the 1980 version. Maybe the folks my age had the foresight to get tickets in advance and had seen it earlier in the evening. At the end of the movie everyone was clapping and cheering so it seemed to be a hit with most.

So there you have it. Go check out Friday the 13th and tell me what you thought.

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Read what I thought of Friday the 13th Bottom line I thought it was a really good movie.


The original Friday the 13th was my first horror movie too, but I was only 8 at the time so you can imagine I was pretty scared.

I haven’t seen the remake yet. Not sure I can give it a fair shake. I have heard that they essentially relegated Jason to a pot farmer who is basically just protecting his crop. I hope that was just a bad rumor. If not then Michael Bay needs to be smacked upside the head for ruining this AND transformers!

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