Drive – Season 1

Last year FOX aired a series called Drive. The show was kind of like the movie Cannon Ball Run. A cross country road race with checkpoints along the way. The people in the race were in the race for different reasons all coming from different backgrounds. After just 4 episodes FOX decided to pull the show. It must have been due to low number of viewers. So today I find that they have a 6 episode season on the iTunes store. I watched all 6 episodes and the last episode left me completely hanging. I think FOX probably got the number wrong on this one. Once people started hearing about it there viewer ship would have increased and I’m pretty sure the show would have been a success. Everything I read on other sites indicate that there was a pretty solid fan base for the show. Oh well life goes on. FOX FAIL!

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FOX, If your listening bring back Drive. Or at least finish te first season!

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