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Do you know Google?

If you ask anyone who Google is, you will surely get an answer. But most will say they are the search engine people. And although that is correct, Google does so much more. Let’s explore some of what Google does.

Google was number 117 on the Fortune 500 list coming in just behind Coca-Cola in 2009. Google revenue was $23.7 Billion and Profit was $6.520 Billion in 2009. Google profits come primarily through its AdWords advertising program. Their industry is listed as being Internet and Computer Software. Google is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ under the ticker GOOG. Number of employees at Google is around 19,835.

The Company was started in September of 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Paige and headquartered in Mountain View California. The current Chairman and CEO is Eric Schmidt. OK, now that all the boring stuff is out of the way lets talk about the good stuff. (Google Search) – The Flagship of Google. The search engine of choice by most Interweb citizens.

Google Image search – To me this seems like its just part of Google search but its actually listed as a seperate product.

Google AdWords – This is the service you buy ads. Google’s primary means of making $$$$

Google AdSense – Opposite AdWords this is the service you can place contextual ads on your site and make money instead of buying ads and spending money.

Gmail – Googles popular email service. Its free, fast and you get lots of space. (around 8GB at the time of this post)

Google Toolbar – A Google toolbar for your web browser.

YouTube – The most popular online video site on the web. Upload videos and watch others videos for the rest of your life.

iGoogle – Customizeable home page. Add widgets and gadgets to your hearts content.

Blogger – Google’s free blogging platform. Makes it easy for anyone to start their own blog. This was originally started in August 1999 by the guys that are now working on Twitter and sold to Google in 2003.

Feedburner – Its like analytics for RSS feeds. Keeps track of subscribers and the ability to incorporate advertising into your feeds.

Google Maps – It’s maps. Although there are other services built into this such as street view, traffic, satellite images and there is an api so you can use it on your site or application.

Google Docs – Online document editor, spreadsheets, and presentations. Now you can store any document type

Google Calendar – Free online calendar. Add appointments, share calendars with others and sync with other programs and mobile devices.

Google Groups – If you have an interest, theres a group for that. And if there isn’t, you can start the group.

Google Analytics – Analytics service to measure your websites success. Put a small piece of code in your pages and measure all kinds of analytical goodness on your website.

Google Webmaster – Tools for webmasters

Google Bookmarks – Save your bookmarks and access them online from any computer.

Google Reader – Subscribe to your favorite rss feeds so you don’t miss a thing.

Google Wave - A n new collaboration service. Its kinda like email and chat with some apps included but different.

Google Buzz – Find something interesting and Buzz it to your friends and contacts. Sorta like Twitter only with a Google twist.

Google Chrome – Googles own Web browser. Not to be confused with Google Chrome OS, which is Googles operating system that is not really ready yet but if you dig you can find a beta, or maybe its still alpha.

Google Code – Site for people interested in development of Google related technologies.

Google Apps – Use Google Email, docs, calendar, sites and manage users using your own domain name for companies or organizations. There are free and paid versions of this. You can also use other services not listed when you are authenticated, they just don’t advertise it.

Google App Engine – A downloadable engine to run your web apps before you publish them. I think primarily writing in Python but I believe they are adding other languages such as Java.

Android – Googles open source mobile operating system.

Picasa Web Albums – Upload and share your pictures online.

Picnik – Online image editor. Kinda like PhotoShop. OK, maybe its not like Photoshop but its used to quickly edit photos and images online.

Google Voice – This used to be GrandCentral until Google bougth them. Googles VOIP service. Which stirred up some talk when Apple denied their app in the iPhone app store.

In addition to all the online services and software they also offer a few hardware devices.

Google Search Appliance – Put this in your network and let Google search technology index and provide search services for you.

Google Mini – Like the Search appliance only smaller. I have set these up and can tell you it is extremely easy to setup and configure.

Nexus One – Googles phone offering to compete against the iPhone and other smart phones that are hugely popular these days.

So that is a round up of some of the things Google does and has to offer. Wikipedia has a complete list of Google Products if you are so inclined to check it out.

Now you know a little about Google!

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