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Multiple Google Calendars on iPhone / iPad

I used to have a MobileMe account because I wanted all my contacts, files and calendars all in sync on my various iDevices. After a while Google and DropBox made it possible to do everything MobileMe could do without having to spend the $99 a year. So I canceled my MobileMe account and moved to […]

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Do you know Google?

If you ask anyone who Google is, you will surely get an answer. But most will say they are the search engine people. And although that is correct, Google does so much more. Let’s explore some of what Google does. Google was number 117 on the Fortune 500 list coming in just behind Coca-Cola in […]

Help find Steve Fossett – Hurry time is running out!

On Monday, September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett, the first person to fly a plane around the world without refueling and the first person to fly around the world in a balloon went missing in Nevada. An airplane he was flying failed to return. No one has any idea where he is. Through the generous efforts […]

Got some free time. Join those crazy kids over at Google and make a video

Those crazy kids over at Google Gmail are making a video. The video s to portray, in a comical way, how an email travels. So if you have some creativity and extra time you can get your video added to the Google teams video. Go here to get all th details and get your camera […]

Google wrote a bad check?

There is nothing better as a publisher to get your commission check from Google. You go to the bank feeling so proud of your work and that you have Google as your Sugar Daddy. But can you imagine the look on your face when the cashier comes back and says “I’m sorry but their are […]

Another 1/2 a Billion dollar purchase for Google

Actually 625 Million to be exact. Google announced yesterday the acquisition of communications security and compliance company Postini. Postini offers a number of on-demand communications security and compliance solutions and serves more than 35,000 businesses and 10 million users worldwide. Postini’s services include message security, archiving, encryption, and policy enforcement tools which can be used […]

Columbus is about to get put on the map. Tele Atlas vehicle spotting on 270

This morning on my commute in I spotted an odd vehicle with what looked like a luggage rack with cameras mounted on it. As I got closer, sure enough it was one of those wacky vehicles that takes pictures of everything as it drives around and matches up the GPS information and plots it on […]

Increase Internet productivity with Google Reader

Ever been a regular reader of a Blog or news site then get tied up with ther thins and not have the time to read your favorite sites? I used to read Slashdot every day then things started getting busy at work then I just forgot about heading over to get the latest news. Or […]

Text Message Google (466453) and get results

This is a gem of a little service offered by Google that most people don’t know about. Its Google Mobile and it is a really handy thing when you need to find something and your not near a computer. Let’s say you want pizza. Just text message the word pizza followed by your zip code […]

Google and Apple partnership? Only time will tell.

On Monday the WWDC starts in San Francisco. The WWDC is Apples World Wide Developer conference that takes place each year and one that is growing in size each year due to the market share that Apple is gaining in recent years. How much market share you ask? Well it has been said by Steve […]

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