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New look at Apple Website.

Head over to Apple’s Website and check out the updates. Looks like they did more than just update the store earlier. The biggest thing that grabbed my attention is the new menu bar at the top of the page. The menu replaces the tabbed file folder type menu that Apple has sported for years. Head […]

OS X Leopard ships in October

Steve Jobs just announced that OS X Leopard will ship in October.

Apple Store being Updated. It has begun.

The Apple store is down and being updated. Jobs is about to announce something big. Ok Maybe he is just announcing the new iMac.

Google and Apple partnership? Only time will tell.

On Monday the WWDC starts in San Francisco. The WWDC is Apples World Wide Developer conference that takes place each year and one that is growing in size each year due to the market share that Apple is gaining in recent years. How much market share you ask? Well it has been said by Steve […]

New iTunes 7.2 available for downoad and non DRM songs available

Earlier this week Apple released a new version of iTunes available for download. The new version has a feature called iTunes Plus which is a higher quality audio and is non DRM. The cost per song for the new higher quality non-DRM music is $1.29. Here is a snipet of what Apple says about it. […]

Steve Jobs at All Things Digital 2007

Pretty good talk with Steve Jobs about iPhone, AppleTV, iPod, iTunes and everything else Apple. Makes you wonder where this company would be if they hadn’t brought Jobs back to pump life into the dying Apple. [flv:/podcasts/steve_jobs.flv 420 320]

YouTube on your AppleTV

Apple announced today that starting next month you will be able to stream YouTube videos directly to your television using AppleTV. Thousands of videos will be available by mid June with 1000′s being added each month. This is the first time users can easily browse, find and watch YouTube videos right from their living room […]

Apple iPhone FCC approval

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has now given approval for Apple’s iPhone to be released in the United States. This news coming just 3 weeks before the rumored release, or the announcement of the release date. Here are some of the facts known about the iPhone at this point. It will come in a 4GB […]

iPhone in a month

Apple seems to always be very quiet about new products coming out. But they are also very good at creating a buzz for products that they intend to release. Earlier this year at MAC World Steve Jobs announced the newest product that they are releasing next month. The iPhone announcement is expected to be on […]

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