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If you want to shop here its gonna cost you $5

Imagine going to a store and having to pay $5 just to shop there. You would either think they had lost their minds or they had some really good stuff in there. Well that is supposedly what Apple is starting to do in an effort to reduce the crowds coming in to see the apple […]

Export your Tunes with iTunes export

Once you put your music in iTunes you are enslaved to it. Until now you were. Now you can free your music with iTunes Ezport. Click here to download the program.

Time for another iPhone application roundup

Found 3 more applications that I really like on the iPhone. All web based of course. The first is Leaflets which is really 8 apps in one. The menu is familiar since it mimics the iPhones main menu layout and bubblines. You can get to the site by steering your iPhones browser to Next […]

iPhone problem? Or is my screen just dirty?

Yesterday I noticed a problem with my iPhone. As I was using Safari I continued to get kicked back out to the main menu. Now I am not 100% convinced that I have an iPhone problem yet but if this continues to happen I will certainly be taking it in to be checked out. What […]

Website of the week – Hide a iPod

I saw this on digg and thought it was funny enough to mention. Its a case that looks like a Zune to hide your iPod or iPhone in. Who in their right mind would steal a zune? Although I don’t think its really for sale, it is funny as hell though! Click here for the […]

Apple vs Microsoft cartoon

This is way to funny not to post. [flv:/podcasts/gates_jobs.flv 320 260]

Some tips for using your iPhone and 7 iPhone apps to ty out

Here are a couple tips for using our iphone that I have discovered over the first couple das of using mine. Tip 1- Using the head phones to talk on the phone and keeping the iPhone in the cradle will act as an antenna and give you much stronger signal. I know this because while […]

iPhone: It really does live up to the hype

Well the iPhone launch has come and gone and now we are into day one. Yes I got one last night around 6:30 East Coast time. I would have posted an article about this earlier but I have simply been too busy playing with all the cool features. First thing I have to say about […]

AT&T iPhone rate plans

AT&T has finally released the rate plans for getting the iPhone. I have to say I am more happy than not. Here is an excerpt from the press release: found here Pricing & Availability iPhone goes on sale at 6:00 p.m. (local time) on Friday, June 29 and will be sold in the US through […]

iPhone in one week and still no rate plan from AT&T

Its just one week away from the launch of the iPhone. You want to know what the shitty thing about it is? AT&T has not release the rates for the phone plan needed. I think maybe Apple should have looked more closely at who they were partnering with on this deal. I mean think about […]

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