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Who wants my Free iPod Video Nano?

Hey I am giving away a freet iPod Nano on one of my other business Blogs. The Blog Is Success For Your Blog and the contest rules and entry are located here. Hurry and enter today. This will make a great Christmas gift for your kids or music lover in the family.

iPology – Steve Jobs letter to iPhone buyers

Well if this don’t beat all. Steve Jobs is giving me back a $100 from the purchase of my iPhone because there were some customers that were un-happy with the $200 price drop announced yesterday. OK works for me. So rather than try and give you patchy details about whats going on I am re-posting […]

Got new iTunes now how do I make a ringtone

First thing this morning I come down to the command center (its a basement) to see if the new iTunes is available so I can create a ring tone. Last night Apple still hadn’t release version 4.7 due to a delay. Well this morning it was available so I downloaded and installed it. Get a […]

iPod touch, Video Nano, Unlocked Ringtones and $200 off the iPhone

Boy was I wrong in the last post about the iPod Nano video. They certainly did come out with that cute little guy and the highly anticipated iPod touch. Which if you ask me is cooler than the iPhone just because you don’t have to put up with AT&T service. Not to rule the iPhone […]

New iPod coming Wednesday September 5th

Apple has told retailers to look for a major announcement on Wednsday. Don’t look for this cute little iPod Nano mockup but a new iPod is likely to surface. More likely rumors include a widescreen iPod, touch screen with possible internet radio capabilities. Maybe an iPhone like unit without the phone. If it has wiFi […]

OMGWFTBBQ – Meebo rocks on the iPhone

I was going through my feeds when I ran across this post at TechCrunch. Meebo on your iPhone. And let me tell you this thing is awesome. Meebo is a instant messaging site that allows you to login to you your AIM, Yahoo, Google talk, MSN or Meebo accounts to chat it up with your […]

Is the new iMac and iPod coming out today?

Looks like the Apple store is closed again for an update. Seems to be their common thing to close the online store while they upload new products and stuff. Well there is a bunch of new stuff coming out. .mac got a serious upgrade now boasting 10GB of storage. A new sleek iMac is coming […]

iTunes store is blazing fast

Up until recently I hadn’t bought any music on iTunes but then when I won a gift card I started buying a few songs here and there. I have to say I am very impressed with the speed of the downloads. It took me less than 5 minutes to download a 27 track cd. The […]

iPhone camera doesn’t record any exif data

I just happen to stumble on this by accident. It turns out that the camera on the iPhone although only 2 megapixels is really a nice camera. So I decided to do a little mobile photo blog at I am using wordpress for the blogging software and found a mo-blog plug-in called Yet another […]

Bejewled on my iPhone

Thanks to a site called Game Stooge I have Bejeweled o my iPhone. has released a special version of Bejeweled for iphone. It uses the Web 2.0 capabilities of the Safari browser and is the closest thing to a third party app that I have seen. If you own an iphone just point your […]

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