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Creating content for Apple’s iPhone

Well I have my iPhone for a little over a year now and I am still in the honeymoon stage. Everyone that asks me how I like it I immediately pull it out and start going on about how wonderful it is. Steve Jobs put it best during the keynote when the iPhone was originally […]

3 things that are driving me crazy about iPhone 2.0 software

OK Apple this has to change. For the most part I like, even love the changes made in the iPhone 2.0 software. But here are three things that must change. Backing up my iPhone every time I sync – It takes forever and if I sync multiple times a day it is just backingup the […]

iPhone 2.0 and the App store

Today I woke to a bunch of noise about the App store being available in iTunes along with the new iPhone 2.0 software. Well when I went to iTunes and had it do a check all I got was that I have the latest version of iTunes and the latest version of iPhone software. Well […]

World Wide Developer Conference 2008 keynote

Well the much anticipated keynote speech of WWDC 08 has come and gone. Here is a quick summary of the things announced. New iPhone comes out July 11, 2008 8GB version will be $199 16GB version will be $299 .mac is now MobileMe and is still $99 a year with better features and more disk […]

Couple more days until Apple’s WWDC08

Every year Apples throws a couple of big parties in the form of conferences. MacWorld and WWDC08. On Monday June 09, 2008 the World Wide Developer conference will be underway in San Fransisco CA. With each of these conferences Apple CEO, Steve Jobs gets up on stage and announces some really cool new gadget or […]

iPhone video recording

Don’t think I’ll work on video recorder for the iPhone. I have some other really cool localized and social apps in the pipeline. But here is a really cool video showing a video recorder in action on the iPhone.

iPhone SDK coming later today

Well this is the moment a lot of iPhone fanboy’s and fangirl’s have waited for. Apple has announce, a while back, that March 6th, 2008 they would be holding a special “Town Hall meeting” and announcing the release of an SDK for the iPhone. So from what I know the announcment will come today at […]

iPhone is even cooler now Plus Bonus: Week of Apple Goodness

It makes sense that the iPhone software will evolve into what users want this little gem of a gadget to do. So a couple days ago Apple release a new software update. Having had my iPhone hacked with AppTapp which allowed me to installed third party apps I was reluctant to update to the 1.1.3 […]

Going to give Leopard a try

Well I waited a half a week but I finally broke down and picked up a copy of Apple’s newest Operating System. Mac OS X Leopard. From what I hear the only complaints people are making is that they didn’t get that one feature they wanted. Well boo hoo. They added 300 new features to […]

Technology that empowers me

Man I love the title of this one. And it is so easy to write about the technology that empowers me. I just hope I don’t miss anything. The very first thing is more than just a single technology but rather a company that develops technology that empowers me. The company is Apple. And before […]

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