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Even more uses for Twitter and Social Media

By now I’m sure you are aware of Twitter and maybe you are using the micro-blogging service to post what you are doing right now or what you ate for lunch. Over the last year every major news and media outlet has jumped on the Twitter wagon to pump out their consent as well as […]

Let our Congress Tweet

I ran across this website on Twitter yesterday. Which is basically a movement to change the laws about Internet usage by Congress. Why shouldn’t they be able to use the communication devices of the 21st century and join in conversations that are already going on in online social outlets. Please help in this movement […]

The Road to PodCamp Ohio

In exactly 7 weeks from today PodCamp Oio will be underway. Organizers of the first PodCamp Ohio are busy organizing sessions, securing sponsors, working with facilities and all the other behind the scenes things to make this a great event. There are so many benefits to going to an event like this but one of […]

Creating brand awareness through innovation

Companies that are taking it to the next level have the kind of people that possess 2 very important traits. These people know how to operate outside the box and make success bigger and better than their competition. The 2 traits that I’m speaking of is that they are innovative thinkers and great communicators. When […]

Friend me Up

If your on Twitter and haven’t been following me then take a second and go to my Twitter page and follow me. Then send me a message and I will follow you also. I have found so many interesting things through Twitter as of late and although I didn’t get Twitter in the beginning […]

Twitter Color Wars Join @plaidteam

Yesterday someone I think @zefrank decided it was time to start something on Twitter called @colorwars. Everyone was and still is free to choose the team they want to be on and then very soon the war is to start. What that means I have no idea. But you can follow me on Twitter @blantonious […]

How I use Facebook

Good question. I’m not sure what I’m using Facebook for so far. I signed up for an account because it seemed that was what all the cool kids were doing, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to at least pretend to be cool. I did however load up FaceBook on my iPhone which […]