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Even more uses for Twitter and Social Media

By now I’m sure you are aware of Twitter and maybe you are using the micro-blogging service to post what you are doing right now or what you ate for lunch. Over the last year every major news and media outlet has jumped on the Twitter wagon to pump out their consent as well as […]

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Selecting Video Equipment for your Web Show

Recently I started a new project with a friend to create a new Web Show called FlickChickTV. Kelly Gingery is the Flick Chick and shares her thoughts on new movies and DVD’s coming out each week. She goes to movie screenings each week and gives her take on the latest blockbusters. So rather than just […]

Servee – CMS built for designers

Servee is a feature rich, hosted content management system that does all the heavy lifting for you. That way you can focus on the design and content of your site. With less back-end coding to do you can launch sites quicker and start communicating your message to customers today. Just because Servee’s framework does a […]

Be a blogging rockstar

This is a presentation I prepared for Ignite Columbus. Unfortunately I was sick that week and didn’t get to give it. The good news is, that its packed with information and resources so you don’t really need to hear me talk. You can just flip through the slides and get the gist of it. Blogging […]

WordCamp Columbus – Coming in 2009

A friend of mine, Alvin Borromeo, from work and my social networking circles approached me last week to see if I would be interested in helping him organize an event here in Columbus, OH. The event, WordCamp Columbus. Thats all he had to say. I was full in from that point. So now begins our […]

What is social media and why I should care

Here is a slide share presentation explaining what social media is and why you should care about social media. What is social media, and why should I care? View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: interactive marketing)

Digg Dubb – Groove is in the heart

digg has got to be one of the coolest places to work. Just check out these crazy digg employees Digg Dubb: Groove Is In The Heart from Trammell on Vimeo.

Blantonious’ GiggleSeeds StartUp Picture

IMG_3375 Originally uploaded by danharris8101 Here is Blantonious’ Dot Com Corp picture for the StartUp Look for our first app sometime in August.

Let our Congress Tweet

I ran across this website on Twitter yesterday. Which is basically a movement to change the laws about Internet usage by Congress. Why shouldn’t they be able to use the communication devices of the 21st century and join in conversations that are already going on in online social outlets. Please help in this movement […]

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