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Are you too comfortable?

So you have a dead end job? You feel like your not getting the recognition you deserve and aren’t progressing like you’d like. Have you ever though that maybe its because your too comfortable in your current status? When you first started your current position you probably had a lot of energy and great ideas […]

Graphical view of Inflation

I came across this graph this morning, published in The New York Times Business section, that illustrates economical conditions from data gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It mashes together 200 categories and over 80,000 different prices and the change in price over a year. This data is part of what the Fed uses […]

Using the high price of gas to help pay for Disney Vacation

The high price of gas is a huge burden on us all. Even those that don’t drive are paying higher prices for other things like groceries as a result in the increase in fuel cost. For me I have a pretty far commute and there really isn’t any other alternative to driving back and forth […]

Controversy to gain attention

They say there is no bad press. So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people stirring up controversy which gets a whole bunch of people talking. I sometimes think this is exactly what celebrities do to get more attention and gain popularity. Doing things that would seem to destroy their reputation and send their […]

Make your weaknesses your strengths

Moving toward the path of least resistance is seemingly what all of us do rather than take the harder route. And its for good reason too. It takes less effort, it is the path we enjoy more, and it the area we know we will succeed. But what about the things in your life you […]

Who wants to race

OK I found something somewhat entertaining on Facebook. Its a game called Speed racing. If you think you’ve got what it takes, and believe me, it does take much. Come on a race my little Pimped out Cooper. Just add me as a friend on facebook and lets get it on!

Congrats to the Ohio State Buckeyes for winning the NIT Championship

If you don’t make it to the NCAA tournament then you might as well make the best of a situation and win the next best thing. That’s exactly what the Buckeyes did last night against UMASS in New York city. The Ohio State Buckeyes were on the bubble to go to the NCAA tournament but […]

Taking my desk to a new level

For some reason I always seem to have more stuff than I want to on my desk. I clean and clean and still there is still too much stuff. Well I decided to take it to the next level. Literally by putting shelves. I should have taken some during pictures too but I was too […]

Accomplishing more with less – Outsourcing to be more productive

I think this is something busy people think about more than those that don’t push the envelope of what they want to accomplish. The more you can get done the more money you can make. Thats when you start seeing the benefits of outsourcing jobs. Accomplishing more with less I have family members that think […]

Why I don’t wear a watch

Now the whole world is going to know Blantonious is a Ninja

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