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Give your team the tools they need

When it comes to building and fostering teamwork its very important to empower your team with the tools they need to get the job done. Think objectionably about the problems your organization or department face and what things would help things run more smoothly. Then when introducing a new tool, check to see what the […]

Eighth year, Eighth month and Eighth day

Its another one of those crazy dates that you only live once to see. Which means there will be a crazy amount of people getting married. These days you need all the luck you can get to make a marriage work. One thing that will help I guess is the fact that its a date […]

Blantonious’ Casting for the Alaskan Adventure

I usually don’t do crazy things like this ,but this one is calling my name. Someone sent me a link to casting of the Alaskan Adventure yesterday and although I was excited about there being a second season I was even more excited about the thought of joining that season. After signing up yesterday I […]

I know how Jim Cramer feels

Jim Crammer is a little bit over the top, but you have to appreciate the energy this guy has. Wouldn’t it be great if we could Rant and rave like this during meetings with co-workers and upper management? This video is exactly how I feel about the financial situation in the US right now. But […]

Don’t take a job for a Title…

or the money. I first came across this while reading one of the Rich Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) books. Now several years later it is something that I embrace in anything I do. Rather, I take a job for the experience and personal growth. Once you learn to do his you will find that your living […]

IRS Optional standard mileage rate for businesses increases

Seems like recently the huge increase in fuel costs have been on a lot of our minds lately. Well now it looks like the IRS has increased the optional standard rate for businesses from $.505/mile to $.585/mile. That’s an eight cent increase which is over 15%. Although I’m sure if you look at the history […]

Consumer watch alert – Mercantila

I feel it is my duty to bring light to a situation I recently encountered when I purchased a loft bed for my daughter. So before doing business with a company called Mercantila, please do your research and prepare yourself for what seems to be a common occurrence with them. So here is how my […]

Start a coupon club

These days we are all feeling the pinch from high prices. The price of gas has skyrocketed and doubled in just 2 years. Due to the increase in fuel, everything else has gone up including groceries. Which got me to thinking about ways to save money and help others save money. One such thing is […]

Use stimulus check as an investment

With Tax stimulus checks arriving in the mail for US citizens every retailer and merchant is out trying to get a piece of the action. One thing that I thought of was the possibility of using my $900 to invest it and make a little extra coin or a bigger bang for my buck. One […]

View only unread messages in Gmail

If your anything like me you are subscribed to all kinds of newsletters and subscription emails. The problem is I get these emails and skip over them with the hope that I can come back and read through them. Often times if I don’t skip through and read it when I receive it it just […]

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