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Apple OS X Lion a.k.a. 10.7

Here are my first thoughts on OS X Lion (10.7). The new operation system from Apple was just released this morning around 8:00 a.m. Est.


Apple decided to use its App store as the delivery method for this OS release. The cost is a reasonable $30 which allows you to install it on all your Apple computers that are authorized on your iTunes account. I initiated the install at 9:26a.m. and finished 2 hours and 20 minutes later at 11:46a.m. The process was very easy and most of the time to install was downloading the 3.49GB.

Here are the steps

  • Make sure you have all current updates installed before installing Lion.
  • Next open the App Store and find Lion (It will be on the first screen).
  • Click “Buy App” and the process will begin.
  • After the download is complete (about an hour and a half) the install screen will come up and have you click through a few screens.
  • Your computer will restart and the installation continues (another hour).
  • One final reboot and you will be running Lion.

Time to play

Launchpad and Mission Control

At first glance nothing looks different than it did before with the exception of 2 icons in the dock. Launchpad and Mission Control. You can open Launchpad (it’s like a iPad screen with all your application that you can scroll from side to side) by pinching your thumb and first three fingers on the trackpad or clicking the icon. You can launch Mission control (Like Expose) by swiping four fingers up on the track pad or clicking the icon.


Next thing I notice is wen I click on spotlight in the upper right corner of the screen the box says it is indexing my MacBook. I imagine to make things faster.


When I open finder things in the left hand menu have changed slightly and there is a shortcut to “All My Files” and “AirDrop”. Also noticed that shortcut to my hard drive is gone. Don’t like that but I’m sure I can get it back. One last thing in finder that I see is a button at the top that is called arrange. Seems to let you arrange your files in a bunch of different ways.

System Preferences

Two things look different in System Preferences. There is a mission Control icon to configure things and “Mail, Contacts and Calendars” which seems to be very similar to the mail and calendar settings on iOS.

Ok . . . that is a very quick and dirty look at some OS X Lion goodness.

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