5 day Fitness challenge starts . . . right now

I know. I have been down this road before. But I am going to go down it again. I really just need to get over a hump and loose the initial weight and start living a more healthy lifestyle. The more I stretch and exercise the easier this is gonna be. The difference is this time I am gonna take as many people with me as I can. Either joining me or giving me encouragement (keeping on my ass) to meet my goals.

The idea is to cut out some of my best friends and replace them with new ones. Bud Light, fast food and lots or carbs, you have all been there for me but I need a little less of you in my life. So who will be my new BFF’s? Well naming them all would take some time so here is a sample. Grilled, Chicken, Salmon and Steak with green veggies like mixed greens, broccoli and string bean for starters. Good old H2O will be around in large amounts. And plenty of fiber.

Exercise will start with cardio and quick high rep session of 100 rep workout and Tabata. This will blast my metabolism and keep it running.

But my biggest secret weapon will be the encouragement from all of you. So hit me up on FaveBook and/or Twitter and keep sending me messages to keep eating right and exercising. Apparently I also have a coach on Twitter www.twitter.com/jasonscoach that you can join forces with and keep me honest.

Best Strong! Be Fit!

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Is this an encouragement challenge, or a CHALLENGE challenge? If it’s a challenge challenge, I take you on!


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