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48 Hours to make a film

Make a movie in 48 hours? That is exactly what I intend to do on the Weekend of August 13th during the 48 Hour Film Project. @kellygingery and I formed a team and entered into this years project in Columbus OH where 30+ teams will compete for prizes and prestige. Our team is called 1 A.M. Films and you can follow our progress on Twitter @1AMFilms

So what is the 48 Hour Film Project?

he 48 Hour Film Project comes to Columbus on the weekend of August 13th. Filmmakers from all over the Columbus area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world.

As if 48 hours is not enough of a challenge there are a few other things tossed in to make it interesting. On Friday evening at 6:00 pm we will be at the kick off for the event where we will be given a genre, a prop that will need to be used and a line of dialog we have to work in the script. Then its off to write the script, cast the parts, shoot the film, edit and score our finished work.

Sunday evening by 7:30 we submit our film and then we can sleep.

If you’d like to help our team by making a small cash donation please visit our IndieGoGo page. There you will see what the money will help with and what you can get in return for your contribution.

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