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So there is this thing running around FaceBook these days. Its called 25 things, which is a list of 25 things about you that you would like to share about yourself and then tag 25 people that you also want to learn about. They then repeat the process. So I finally did my 25 things and thought it would be good to post on my blog as well. So here they are.

1. Well this first thing about me is that I love my daughter, Mikyla unconditionally. I have so much fun parenting her and watching her grow. I am a very proud dad. Having kids is like living life with your heart outside your body.

2. I am single and have never been married. Maybe someday but I’m not stressed about it.

3. I am active in the social media scene and Technology scene in Central Ohio.

4. I have one sibling, my sister Heather that is 2 and a half years younger than me. And we are pretty close.

5. I lived in Hawaii for 4 and a half years while serving in the Navy.

6. I was stationed on a couple different sub while on active duty in the Navy.

7. The longest period I spent under water with no outside contact on the sub was 68 days. (that sounds completely crazy now)

8. I died during a Scuba diving trip in Guam. I was revived by two of my friends which also happened to be Navy divers. Ed White and Brian McGuire, true heroes that gave me a second life.

9. During my teen’s and 20′s I was an avid runner, running several marathons, triathlons, 10k’s and 5k’s. I considered myself a middle distance runner and my best 10K time was about 39:00 which is around 6 and a half minute miles.

10. The kind of shows I watch are on Discovery, TLC, the science channel, Food Network . . . you get the idea. I like to learn things and find science fascinating.

11. Despite being a terrible writer I enjoy writing and blogging.

12. I make incredible Salsa and am currently in the process of looking into turning it into a business with my 2 partners, my mom and my sister.

13. I enjoy console games more than PC games, but my console of choice is Wii. Xbox 360 and PS3 kick my ass.

14. I have a hard time saving money regardless of how much I make. I need to change this.

15. In 2000 I left a safe secure job to go work for a dot com start up which I was eventually laid off and the company went under during the dot com bubble. Looking back I would have done it again. It was a great experience.

16. In 2005 and 2006 along with a couple partners bought 5 foreclosures, fixed them up and resold them. Made a couple bucks but nothing like they advertise on infomercials.

17. I have 2 rental properties currently but don’t plan on doing much in real estate for a while due to the time requirements and the economy. Although there are some good deals out there.

18. I am an IT Systems engineer. Which means that I work in a data center, installing, building and maintaining servers. I love high tech, fast paced dynamic technology. And I love my current job and co-workers.

19. I am hosting my first major event in May, WordCamp which is a one day conference type event about WordPress and blogging. I have a partner and a bunch of great volunteers helping me pull this off. It’s being hosted at Columbus State Community College and you can find out more at www.wordcampcolumbus.com Please come and meet me.

20. I love to cook. I think I am a pretty good cook and am not afraid to try anything. If something turns out bad I try to figure out what went wrong and try again until I get it right.

21. I love Apple products and thing that they put out such good computers and electronics that the extra cost is well worth it.

22. I enjoy web development and creating websites. I have between 20 and 30 domains. Yes most have sites that are up and running and the rest I plan on developing.

23. In my spare time (like I have any) I set up networks and computers for small business’ like Dr. Offices, Urgent cares and business offices. I don’t charge as much as I should but I realize start ups and small companies don’t have a lot of money in the beginning. I would rather see them succeed than make a ton of money from them.

24. I am a huge Ohio State football fan. It was once a dream to play for the Buckeyes but although I was 6’4″ in high school I only weighed 155 pounds. More of a runners build than a football player. My current 230 pound frame back then would have been perfect.

25. Finally, I love to meet people and hope I get the opportunity to meet or get to know you all. Lets do lunch or something!

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