01-18-08 – Cloverfield – Secret J.J. Abrams movie teaser trailer

If you went and saw the new Transformers movie then chances are you saw a teaser trailer for a movie by J.J. Abrams that had no title. The trailer was just enough to get you really interested in what was going on but not enough clues to let you in on what it was about. If you didn’t see it then your in luck. Here it is.

[flv:/podcasts/011808.flv 460 320]

OK so what did you think? Did it get your curiosity? I know it sucks to sit there and wonder what it is. Well thats part of Paramount Pictures viral marketing scheme. Get people talking about this thing and throw out clues. I have done a little research myself that I will post here. But of course this is an open discussion so please post your comments and let see if we can figure this thing out.

What we know

Clues from the teaser

      The people are having a going away party in New York
      Its a going away party for Brad who is going to Tokyo
      Brad is the main dude of the guy shooting the video
      The sound of the beast (not sure what that sounds like)
      The thing is big enough to ear the statue of Liberties head of and hurl in a mile
      When they are in the street a guy is screaming “I saw it, its huge, its alive”
      Add your own thoughts in the comments

J.J. Abrams – Work that he has done

      Mission Impossible 3
      Bunch of other stuff and also working on Star Trek movie now

Code name for this movie is Cloverfield
Release date is 01-18-08 (who releases a movie in January)

Possible movies this could be

  • Godzilla 2
  • Chuck Norris Movie

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I really think it’s Godzilla 2. They recently had some Dorito’s ads on TV using footage of Godzilla for no apparent reason. It makes me think that the Dorito’s ads were a way to remind us what Godzilla looks like and get us ready for his return. Or maybe they are just restarting the Godzilla franchise altogether, considering how they butchered the first one.


Yes that is a good possibility but I haven’t completely ruled out something new we have never heard of. I heard another rumor that it might be something called “The Parasite”. Just have to keep digging to find out.

I think the idea of using these shoulder mounted cameras to film the whole thing we be cool. If I don’t get sick.

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